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The Pakan Elementary and Junior High School is located near the shores of Whitefish Lake.

Pakan Elementary/Jr. High School
Box 274
Goodfish Lake, Alberta TOA IRO

Phone: (780) 636-2525

Pakan Elementary/Jr. High School

Mission Statement:

Pakan Elementary and Junior High School's priority is to prepare our diverse population with the knowledge and skills necessary for the challenges of the future. We will meet those challenges by maintaining a high quality program for ALL students in an inviting environment that will develop self-discipline, self respect and self confidence, all attributes of a successful learner. Parents and the community are invited to join us in this task. Together we can and will make a difference in the lives of our students.

Through dynamic, engaging learning experiences and collaborative partnerships within our community, the Pakan School ensures that each student will attain the intellectual, social, and personal knowledge to passionately seek the challenges of the future.

In order to embrace the challenges of the future, the mission of the Pakan School is to provide each child of our community an inviting, safe, and challenging learning environment that will develop self-discipline, confidence, and respect for themselves and others.

Whitefish Lake #128 First Nation is committed to enabling each and every student the opportunity to achieve their educational goals. Together with the home and community Pakan School’s mission is to create a safe and caring learning environment that values the diversity and individual potential of each student. In keeping with the legacy of Chief Pakan, the school’s goals are to foster the development of respect, citizenship, and self-esteem while encouraging the promotion of lifelong learning through the provision of a wide variety of enriching academic, physical, and leadership opportunities.

  Name: Phone: Cell: Email:
Program Director Rosalie Halfe 780-636-7015   rosalie_education@yahoo.ca
Assistant Georgette Dion 780-636-7012   georgette.dion@wfl128.ca
Principal, Pakan School Gordon Hum 780-636-2525 780-636-3101 russell.hunter@tcef.ca
Open School - Portage College Dave Hunter 780-636-2298   dave.hunter@portagecollege.ca
Open School - Portage College Dana Drouin 780-636-2298   dana.drouin@portagecollege.ca
Bussing TBA      
Cyber School Cecilia Steinhauer 780-636-3385    
HeadStart/Portage College Driver   780-636-2662    

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